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Pape’s Family History

For over 100 yearsthe Fisher and Pape families have owned 200 acres dotted with native pecan trees along the Guadalupe River in Seguin, Texas. And for almost as many years, the Pape name has come to be associated with Texas most beloved
crop … The Pecan … !

The Papes, whose Pecans come for 500-year-old native trees as well as planted and grafted trees, Kenneth Pape’s grandfather, Gus Fisher, started developing the orchard in 1890, because he thought that pecans would be worth marketing, some day.

“It was a way to make a living and my father, Hugo Pape, taught me a lot about it”, Kenneth Pape said. Hugo worked with the Texas A&M University horticulturists to test the latest pecan varieties, grafting, spraying, harvesting and growing techniques for many decades. “My father was sort or an expert”, Kenneth said. “I’ve always enjoyed the pecans and the growing of the nuts, and I helped my father clear land and I picked pecans for my grandfather, Gus Fisher, since I was 5 years old”.

A historical capture of three pillars of the Pape Business ; Kenneth, Harold and Hugo Pape

A Hobby that turns into more with over 5000 nutcrackers that comes from all over the world.

Using what he learned from the University of Texas and with what he learned over a lifetime, working with his father, Kenneth Pape moved the family business forward by advancing into modern pecan growing equipment.

Kenneth Pape’s cousin, Harold Pape, was a great salesman with a strong knowledge of Pecans and a highly respected man who had utmost authorities on Pecans in the whole United States. Kenneth later managed the family’s store, located at that time, at the Texas 123 Bypass and US 90A.

“I didn’t think there was a way to make money in Pecans until I got involved in the equipment part of the business”, said Kenneth.

Over the generations, every member of the Pape family has added something to the flourishing business. John Pape, son of Kenneth Pape eventually handled all the farm and Pecan equipment side of the business.

Zelda (Zee) Pape, wife of Kenneth Pape, managed the office, mailorders, and fundraising part of business.

Pape’s Pecan, over the years, has provided its customers with many new varieties of premier Pecans. They own trees, buy and sell Pecans, deal in harvesting and buying and selling harvesting equipment, chemicals for the crops and do gift packs and other retail.

Seguin home of the world’s largest pecan

Name anything that has to do with Pecans, and you will find the name “Pape” there.